Monday, 19 December 2011


SKATEBOARD RELIGION IS PROUND TO PRESENT OUR AUTUMN 2011 EDIT, FEATURING JOEL DOWOUNA, JOSHUA JENNINGS, ADAM JOHNS. Skateboard Religion aims to promote British skateboarding, by working with individuals who are keen and passionate about skateboarding.

Joel Dowouna has been skateboarding for as long as I can remember. The first time I met Joel was at Stockwell skatepark in around 2006. Between now and then I think I have seen Joel land almost every trick in the book. He is a true technician. Taking to the streets myself and Joel aim to produce a solid documentation of his talents on a skateboard and his versatility as a skateboarder, in the form of a full video part at the end of 2012. But for now we have this edit for you to feast your eyes upon.

When you watch Joshua Jennings skate and note the ease with which he glides and moves, it is easy to imagine that those long legs of his, play a useful advantage in the poetic ballet of movement which is skateboarding. Elusive mega pop mixed with first try cool footed steazyness and fast footed tech ability all add to the fruitful concoction of skateboarding which is Joshua Jennings. Mid way through our filming for the edit below, Josh got hooked up with some flow from DC, so we should be seeing a new DC edit from Josh coming out next year.

Adam Johns is known to have a fast, hands on approach, to all things skateboarding. Along side Coordinating skateboarding events in and out of Stockwell skate park, Adam built a DIY skate park over the course of a weekend and in his spare time builds miniature skateable obstacles that can be dragged around from spot to spot. Adam Johns is a pillar to any skate community and an awesome skateboarder in his own rights. Check out his Blog


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