Monday, 16 November 2015


Medieval Style Skateboard Religion Decks

Hand Illustrated, Limited Edition

Sizes: 8.25, 8.375, 8.5, 8.8 available in store now.

Freshest Canadian Maples, sick shape!!!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Lost Tapes of Skateboard Religion

We a super happy to announce of latest edit 'The Lost Tapes' We have put together this 10 minute edit featuring years of never before seen footage, that has either been lost, damaged or forgotten. With modern technology we managed to uncover some lost gems and bring them back to life. We have split the footage into nighttime and daytime with appropriate soundtracks by Kool Keith (day time footage) and his Alter ego Dr Octogan (night time footage).

You will find it here

We haven't put names on the edit to keep these tapes as mysterious as the day we uncovered them. In the edit you will see shredding by the following riders....

William Kraemer, Joel Dowuona, Josh Jennings, Nick Guest, Cheeseman, Sam Smith, Laurence Ferguson, Stevie Thompson, Lizo Yako, Emeca, Eric Lennox, Adam Johns, Ben Jobe, Nik Jones, Val Katz, Kimbol Hink, Toby Renton, Domas Glatkauskas, Hector William Barnett, Paddy Jones and Will Jarvis.

Thursday, 12 March 2015


MONOCHROME DVDS are finally ready for shipping. Check out the promo on our Video page on and then go support by ordering your copy from our online store

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Monochrome Premiere 27/02/2015
We had an amazing turn out from all the south London crew and beyond. It was so satisfying to final premier the film in its entirety to an audience, I am stroked that everyone came, stoked for working with such a tight crew of skateboarders and really stoked that Rob Smith and the other dudes down at House of Vans made this happen, with free beer and fried chicken and all. Massive thanks once again for everyone that helped make this happen. 

House of Vans, London
Photo by: Rob Smith

Monday, 10 February 2014

Ben Broyd

Ben Broyd
Place of Origin: London

Age: 19

Sponsors: Lives and levels and Vikings of Skate

Years on a board: 7 years

What inspired you to start?  “My friend Fergus invited me to his house and said look at this and forced me to try it.”

What’s your ultimate skate mission? "Just skating some? I don’t know? Going to something new, just some tranny or something, with a crew, just other people up for shit.”

Favorite food? “Something spicy, chili, Mexican food, I like chili con carni.”

What’s the best thing about skateboarding? “The feeling of getting something new and the adrenaline that comes with it. Its feel good when you’re going for something but end up landing something else by accident.”

What’s the worst thing about skateboarding? “It being weather reliant most of the time in the UK especially.”

Who inspires you to skate and why? “B M T crew, the Sheffield crew. Watching stuff wise, Tony T , Kevin Kowalski, most anti hero riders, John Cardiel.”

What’s your favorite video or part? “There are too many videos right now. When I first started, probably This and That, I enjoyed it because it had an essence of fun and was a good skate flick. Watching any video parts with Tony T. One of my favorites parts is Sammy Bacca’s part from Prevent This Tragedy, I like that one a lot.”

What gets you hyped to skate? “Watching other people kill it, weather its live or on a video. Waking up feeling my body is working, not feeling too stressed and having no obligations.”

Favorite skate spot? “Kimber because its where I started, even thou other places are more fun, its just got a special place in my heart.”

Any injuries? “Broke my arm pretty bad when I was 16, forearm snapped in 2, got me extra time in my GCSEs, which was cool. Rolled ankles, bruises and other general skate injuries.”

Do you have any plans for skateboarding in 2014? “Finishing filming for my part in Monochrome. I want to go and skate more places up north, living in Sheffield means I am closer and want to take more advantage of that. Do well in my Degree.”

Sheffield, what’s that all about? “Well, I moved here to study at university, I found the skate scene up here to be really cool, everyone is super talented and nice and it’s a great place to skate as well. I really like living here, I might stay.”

Any comments/ thanks?

“Shout out to you (Nik) for doing this, its good fun.
Shout out to both B M T and Sheffield Crew.
Thanks to anyone I have skated with and anyone I have had fun with.
Lives and levels for hooking me up.
Vikings of skate for hooking me up
Fergus for taking oh so many pictures.

Go do something gnarly!”

Monday, 22 July 2013

Josh Jennings

Josh Jennings
Age: 23 
Originates from London
Years on board: 8  

What inspired you to start? 
Kid had a skateboard on my road (ollie inpsired me). 

What would be your ultimate skateboard mission? 
BMT 2014 Euro Tour 

Favorite food? 
Steak and Chips/onion rings 

What is the best about skateboarding? 

What is the worst thing about skateboarding? 
Rain /frustration 

Who is your inspirational skater and why?  
Whole of BMT, Mark Suciu and Madars Apse 

Favorite video part? 
Habitat Origins, Mark Suciu 

What gets you hyped to skate? 
BMT all day fam. 

Favorite skate spot? 
Shell centre back in the day and Brixton 

Injures due to skateboarding? 
Stitches and Bruises 

Do you have any plans for skateboarding in 2013? 
Whatever is going man. 

We are currently filming Josh for a full part in our 2014 DVD release.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Skateboard Religion Family Portrait 2012 T shirts Concept

Skateboard Religion in Brash Zine

So we got this write up in Brash zine issue four. You can pick up a copy of Brash from Parlour Skate Shop, Mile end, East London or Chrome and Black paint shop, Bethnal Green, East London.

Check out Brash blog here:

Buy Brash here:

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

SBR big in Macedonia.

So I was in Macedonia for 5 days for a good friends wedding. I managed to skate for the whole of ten minutes. In that short space of time I got snapped and made the front page of a traditional Macedonian political magazine.
Big in the game! Thanks to Blazo for sending me this.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Skateboard Religion x Horsezine

We have some cool new T-shirts in the pipelines, designed by James (horsezine) Hall.

So we went out for a skate to celebrate and filmed this!

SKATEBOARD RELIGION X HORSEZINE a Skateboarding video by skateboardreligion

Family portrait 2012

These guys are stoked about the Family portrait 2012 deeck!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Skateboard Religion has teamed up with the infamous BMT crew this season, to bring you our Winter edit for 2011/12. Its been a really fair winter with surprisingly, not too much bitter coldness, in the air, meaning the ground was left mostly dry this winter, with not too much moistness, leaving open possibility for long hard sessions. As night drew closer we brought ourselves a new night lamp to warm up our lines, and this is the kindest of the coldest of the acts crafted in digital film for yall. 

Thursday, 23 February 2012


We met up with Ben Broyd at Clapham Common skatepark to film 10 tricks but ended up filming 20 instead, enjoi!


Thursday, 5 January 2012




Monday, 19 December 2011


SKATEBOARD RELIGION IS PROUND TO PRESENT OUR AUTUMN 2011 EDIT, FEATURING JOEL DOWOUNA, JOSHUA JENNINGS, ADAM JOHNS. Skateboard Religion aims to promote British skateboarding, by working with individuals who are keen and passionate about skateboarding.

Joel Dowouna has been skateboarding for as long as I can remember. The first time I met Joel was at Stockwell skatepark in around 2006. Between now and then I think I have seen Joel land almost every trick in the book. He is a true technician. Taking to the streets myself and Joel aim to produce a solid documentation of his talents on a skateboard and his versatility as a skateboarder, in the form of a full video part at the end of 2012. But for now we have this edit for you to feast your eyes upon.

When you watch Joshua Jennings skate and note the ease with which he glides and moves, it is easy to imagine that those long legs of his, play a useful advantage in the poetic ballet of movement which is skateboarding. Elusive mega pop mixed with first try cool footed steazyness and fast footed tech ability all add to the fruitful concoction of skateboarding which is Joshua Jennings. Mid way through our filming for the edit below, Josh got hooked up with some flow from DC, so we should be seeing a new DC edit from Josh coming out next year.

Adam Johns is known to have a fast, hands on approach, to all things skateboarding. Along side Coordinating skateboarding events in and out of Stockwell skate park, Adam built a DIY skate park over the course of a weekend and in his spare time builds miniature skateable obstacles that can be dragged around from spot to spot. Adam Johns is a pillar to any skate community and an awesome skateboarder in his own rights. Check out his Blog


Sunday, 23 October 2011


James Mclean is a boiler engineer by day, working hard to make sure we all have lots of nice hot water in our homes. In his spare time he enjoys nothing more than finding a big old gnarley bowl and shredding it at a hundred a fifty two miles per hour. We met up at Victoria park bowl along with Skateboard Religion old timer Bobby Bouche, who has featured in previous video edits such as, SKATEBOARD RELIGION's six corners of london and How we build ramps 2. James also picked up Emecca and Hamish from Stockwell on his way to Victoria park Bowl, Stockwell ripper and beatbox extrordinaire Pikey Tom came along with Bobby and Costa was allready there on arrival. An impromptu, rad, session. An impromtu, rad, edit...

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


So its been a long time in the coming but here it is, finally, SKATEBOARD RELIGION, STOCKERS 2010 EDIT. Featuring Stockwell Locals from an era long gone. Here's to the good old days down at the beach.
Feturing Alban Connell, Armani, James Mclean, William Kraemer, Lawrence Ferguson, Stevie Thompson, Eric Lennox, George Cronic, Joel Dowuona, Josh Jennings and many more. Check out the crazy trick at the end of the edit.
Apologies for poor quality, but after my hard drive died, this was the only original copy I had.

Thursday, 13 October 2011


300GB OF FOOTAGE GONE. It is a sad time when a hard drive dies. Luckily someone managed to save about thirty percent of the footage for me, but unfortunately it means I have lost a few shots which I was going to include in our end of season video edit. Fortunatly I have a copy of STOCKER 2010 EDIT which we where saving to release later this month, featuring rad skateboarding from Stockwell skatepark in 2010. All is not lost, there are a few more possibility's to retrieve the damaged data from the drive, they require time and money, two things I haven't got right now, but a strong possibility for the future.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


This week we had Adam Johners and Toby Renton, Out Of Stockwell team extrodanaire and Stockwell Lurker, Harriet Shephard, join us for our regular Sunday street session.
We got some good footage to go towards SKATEBOARD RELIGIONs Autumn edit and found some good spots.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


I met up with Joel Dowuona and Sam Smith to do some filming for our Autumn edit. The weather was FULL ON HOT on Sunday, which came as a bit of a shock, considering we are in the middle of October. Bring on the out of season heat wave.....

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Autumn video on its way

 Whilst out filming for our Autumn edit, Sunday 18th September 2011


FS 5050 FS 180

Nik Jones

Joel Dowouna

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


A short edit documenting highlights from Stockwell skatepark.

Riders: Nik Jones, Joel Dowouna, James Mclean, Jake Gatehouse, Josh Jennings, Taylor Lewis, Ben Broyd, Ivan Spaniard, Will Jarvis, Craige Shirley, Pikey, Pablo, Rueben Goodyear, and Lizo.
Filmed and edited by Nik Jones

Sunday, 11 September 2011



Produced solely as product for riders we are currently filming, to keep em looking fresh! These t's where produced in a limited run of twelve, created by hand, using tie dyeing techniques and screen printing. New collection released at the end of the month, keep your eyes peeled or you'll miss them, once there gone, there gone.