Sunday, 11 October 2015

The Lost Tapes of Skateboard Religion

We a super happy to announce of latest edit 'The Lost Tapes' We have put together this 10 minute edit featuring years of never before seen footage, that has either been lost, damaged or forgotten. With modern technology we managed to uncover some lost gems and bring them back to life. We have split the footage into nighttime and daytime with appropriate soundtracks by Kool Keith (day time footage) and his Alter ego Dr Octogan (night time footage).

You will find it here

We haven't put names on the edit to keep these tapes as mysterious as the day we uncovered them. In the edit you will see shredding by the following riders....

William Kraemer, Joel Dowuona, Josh Jennings, Nick Guest, Cheeseman, Sam Smith, Laurence Ferguson, Stevie Thompson, Lizo Yako, Emeca, Eric Lennox, Adam Johns, Ben Jobe, Nik Jones, Val Katz, Kimbol Hink, Toby Renton, Domas Glatkauskas, Hector William Barnett, Paddy Jones and Will Jarvis.

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