Monday, 22 July 2013

Josh Jennings

Josh Jennings
Age: 23 
Originates from London
Years on board: 8  

What inspired you to start? 
Kid had a skateboard on my road (ollie inpsired me). 

What would be your ultimate skateboard mission? 
BMT 2014 Euro Tour 

Favorite food? 
Steak and Chips/onion rings 

What is the best about skateboarding? 

What is the worst thing about skateboarding? 
Rain /frustration 

Who is your inspirational skater and why?  
Whole of BMT, Mark Suciu and Madars Apse 

Favorite video part? 
Habitat Origins, Mark Suciu 

What gets you hyped to skate? 
BMT all day fam. 

Favorite skate spot? 
Shell centre back in the day and Brixton 

Injures due to skateboarding? 
Stitches and Bruises 

Do you have any plans for skateboarding in 2013? 
Whatever is going man. 

We are currently filming Josh for a full part in our 2014 DVD release.

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