Monday, 10 February 2014

Ben Broyd

Ben Broyd
Place of Origin: London

Age: 19

Sponsors: Lives and levels and Vikings of Skate

Years on a board: 7 years

What inspired you to start?  “My friend Fergus invited me to his house and said look at this and forced me to try it.”

What’s your ultimate skate mission? "Just skating some? I don’t know? Going to something new, just some tranny or something, with a crew, just other people up for shit.”

Favorite food? “Something spicy, chili, Mexican food, I like chili con carni.”

What’s the best thing about skateboarding? “The feeling of getting something new and the adrenaline that comes with it. Its feel good when you’re going for something but end up landing something else by accident.”

What’s the worst thing about skateboarding? “It being weather reliant most of the time in the UK especially.”

Who inspires you to skate and why? “B M T crew, the Sheffield crew. Watching stuff wise, Tony T , Kevin Kowalski, most anti hero riders, John Cardiel.”

What’s your favorite video or part? “There are too many videos right now. When I first started, probably This and That, I enjoyed it because it had an essence of fun and was a good skate flick. Watching any video parts with Tony T. One of my favorites parts is Sammy Bacca’s part from Prevent This Tragedy, I like that one a lot.”

What gets you hyped to skate? “Watching other people kill it, weather its live or on a video. Waking up feeling my body is working, not feeling too stressed and having no obligations.”

Favorite skate spot? “Kimber because its where I started, even thou other places are more fun, its just got a special place in my heart.”

Any injuries? “Broke my arm pretty bad when I was 16, forearm snapped in 2, got me extra time in my GCSEs, which was cool. Rolled ankles, bruises and other general skate injuries.”

Do you have any plans for skateboarding in 2014? “Finishing filming for my part in Monochrome. I want to go and skate more places up north, living in Sheffield means I am closer and want to take more advantage of that. Do well in my Degree.”

Sheffield, what’s that all about? “Well, I moved here to study at university, I found the skate scene up here to be really cool, everyone is super talented and nice and it’s a great place to skate as well. I really like living here, I might stay.”

Any comments/ thanks?

“Shout out to you (Nik) for doing this, its good fun.
Shout out to both B M T and Sheffield Crew.
Thanks to anyone I have skated with and anyone I have had fun with.
Lives and levels for hooking me up.
Vikings of skate for hooking me up
Fergus for taking oh so many pictures.

Go do something gnarly!”

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